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The early beginnings

The street where the 'cousins from KL' would visit each year to terrorise the neighbourhood.

THIS, is what I love! Reminds of of the Chanel ad.
The entrance way - lovely coloured tiles. Some were removed by previous tenant. Tsk.

A built-in pantry in the dining hall. Cute eh!

Water closet with no WC, just a hole in the ground?! In the 1970s/80s, the sanitary on Bangkok Lane was dependent of those very brave gentlemen who worked at MPPP. The bucket system in those days meant that each visit to the dunny hole was one where you had to wear a hanky over your nose.
Not sure if this is an original, but the Chinese-inspired gate separates dining hall and rest of the house.

These are the original doors, I think.

Check out the beautiful balustrades.

View to the back of the house, where Wat Chayamangkalaram lies.
The stairs leading up to the master bedroom

Beautiful site! And guess what?
They replaced the tiles with different coloured tiles without first consulting us :( Why would people do work slip shot? I just don't understand.

Drain pipes must have been blocked
Leaky walls that tell a thousand tales

The dining hall - stained strong with personality

The window panels - got a quote to replace windows but it was rather expensive!


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