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24-26 Feb 2012: Welcoming Evelyn & John Ma from Sydney

It is 7pm and I'm still stuck in a traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur city. Evelyn & John would be arriving at Penang International Airport at 11.20pm and I'm not even on the highway! Lo and behold, I finally get out of KL city at 9pm sharp and make my way stealthily like a Knight Rider heroine about to rescue the good guys!

I arrive at the airport at 11.50pm, and find Evelyn & John waiting at the taxi stand. They look hot and hungry. Not angry, thank God! So they hopped into the car and we sped off... to Gurney Drive! Tucked our tummies, then it was time for me to tuck them in bed at the brand new 20 Bangkok Lane - a part of the Palanquinn boutique hotel group (

The next day, we welcomed singers Elvira Arul and Dzamira Dzafri to 15 Bangkok Lane. We played host as they were both flown into Penang specially to perform as opening acts for Laura Fygi in concert. It was a magnificient show! And I wish it could have gone on forever! The concert was stunning, tight, and her vocals were simply so fluid and smooth.

The next day, it was off to walk the heritage trail in Georgetown! And the streets will never cease to amaze me!

Singer songwriter Dzamira Dzafri's fret board
Balcony, 20 Bangkok Lane
Visit to the Reclining Buddha
Friendly meowzer at Burmese temple
20 Bangkok Lane, Palanquinn Boutique Hotel
Saying a little prayer... behind, inside Buddha's belly rests ashes in urns

Khoo Kong Si temple
Yes! Laura Fygi performed that night! Lovely!
Dzamira Dzafri - practising her songs to open for Laura Fygi
Good coffee @ Si Tigun
Laura Fygi at sound checks
Dzamira Dzafri and Elvira Arul


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