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10-days of creative arts, music and performances in Penang!

It's that time of the year again! It begins with the George Town Literary Festival (29 Nov - 1 Dec), then the In-between Arts Festival (2-4 Dec) and finally the Penang Island Jazz Festival (5-7 Dec)! All three festivals over  a span of 10 days! All in Penang!

  The festival pays tribute to P. Ramlee, with Shuk the Cook from Langkawi cooking up the legendary singer/actor's favourite dishes! Nostalgic songs from that era will be performed by Viv Adram and The Northern Jazz Unit.
Pearly Kee is Penang's celebrated cook book author and chef! She'll be cooking a Nyonya feast on Day 1 of the In-between Arts Festival on 2 December 2013!

Learn to joget and dance the night away to evergreen tunes of P. Ramlee on Day 3 on 4 December 2013.

The In-between Arts Festival

Le Coq @ 15 Bangkok Lane will once again be a pivotal point for the In-between Arts Festival, which takes on cuisine and performances! In line with the theme, 'Secret Suppers', chefs/cook book authors come together to cook up delicious Nyonya, Indian and Malay meals, followed by performances! And guess what? All locations are kept 'shhhhhh secret' until the end of November!

Secret Suppers Penang!

4 December 2013

The Baba and Nyonya Secret Supper & Play with celebrated Chef & Cook Book Author Pearly Kee. After dinner, guests will be treated to the staging of a Playlet “You are what you eat” written by Singapore playright - Robert Yeo, directed and acted by a Penang cast.
Cost: RM30 per person includes dinner and performance
Cost: RM10 per person for performance only
Venue: A secret location in Penang

3 December 2013

The Mughal Sojourn Secret Supper & Dance with Chef and Cook Book Author Tripat Narayanan. After dinner, guests will be enthralled by a fusion Indian dance troupe!
Cost: RM30 per person includes dinner and performance
Cost: RM10 per person for performance only
Venue: A secret location in Penang

2 December 2013

The P. Ramlee Secret Supper & Joget with Jazz Band hosted by Chef/Restaurateur, Shuk the Cook of Langkawi fame. Featuring P.Ramlee's favourite Malay dishes, guests will be entertained by a performance of nostalgic songs by Viv Adram and The Northern Jazz Unit band with opportunities to ‘joget’ or dance the night away.
Cost: RM30 per person includes dinner and performance
Cost: RM10 per person for performance only
Venue: A secret location in Penang

All locations will be revealed a week prior to the event.

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30 November 2013
7.30pm – 9.00pm
Wayang Kata IX
Wayang Kata began in Kuala Lumpur in 2006 as collaboration between the British Council and Jasmine Low and Jerome Kugan, of open mic events Doppelganger and Troubadours, as an attempt to popularise the spoken word. Three years of performances to a packed house saw a host of UK poets grace the Wayang Kata stage in Kuala Lumpur – Francesca Beard, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Malika Booker, Kim Trusty and Polarbear – alongside a constellation of rising Malaysian poetry stars. Wayang Kata is now independently funded and will host its second installation in Penang, featuring a multi-lingual lineup of poets and spoken word performers in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Hokkien, Tamil and more!

Writers/Poets Robert Yeo (SG), Cyril Wong (SG), Jac SM Kee, Pam Handa, Elaine Foster, Melizarani T. Selva, Jerome Kugan, Ksatriya, Karina Bahrin and more.

Moderator Jasmine Low

Panelists N/A

Price RM5

Venue Bistro Tang, Ren-i-Tang @ Little India


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